Hexagram 3 ("at this moment" poems)

It's all splitting open now

The mother of all is

splitting open wide

wide wider to pain

without bend

Mother and other
convulsing as one



and rabid

for release

Neither knows yet


a flower

from one root.

Art: Salvador Dali, "Birth of the New Man," from http://www.meaus.com/index.html


Adele Aldridge said…
What a fabulous image!iching50
Paul said…
I do hope we're flowers. Honestly, it's not clear to me that we're not a kind of earth-pest that the earth is going to rid itself of in short order.

But I hope you're right and I think the only way to go is doing one's personal best toward being part of a species that discovers how to be in the world. The world will be OK; it's only a matter of whether we become willing to take part in the process to contribute to its momentum.
Jaliya said…
Adele ... Thank you :-) Wasn't Dali beyond brilliant?

Paul ... In my best moments, I think we're flowers (so to speak) ... In my worst, I'm with you re: the "earth-pest" ... We're such contradictory creatures, aren't we ... Thank you for writing, and for your website and book!

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