Why I trust the I Ching

I awoke this morning thinking this: Impermanence protects us.

At nadir's edge flows the dawn.

I look at the Yin Yang, and I know that all things change, all the time.

I'm getting this in my bones. Sweet relief.

Hexagram 36 -- DARKENING OF THE LIGHT -- speaks to me today:

The metaphor I like is that we find diamonds in coal – we find the most precious thing in the darkness, a very black, sooty place.

(Rubin Naiman)

In the deepest darkness is the turn of the tide ...

I've lived with major recurrent depression all my life -- but that is not all that I live with. Dawn, faithfully, always comes.

That is my received wisdom for today. What a gift.

(Photo: "Lake Tarawera Dawn," by Steven Pinker)


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