Change is the verb that never stops verbing...

The daytime sun is still warm here in southern Ontario, while nights nip at our skin and remind us of what is to come ... another season is turning ...

I find myself, at this time of year, becoming both excited by the oncoming chill, and more reflective. My home is full of colours that remind me of the Caribbean sea and Spring. I keep "invincible summer" close at hand while the world outside drains of brightness.

Speaking of colour ... I've found a marvelous artist online. Karin Bartimole ( creates collages that splash the eyes with vivid invitations to go deep and wide into imagination and association. Her work instinctively befriends change; one recent composition brought me eye-to-eye with Hexagram 24, RETURN:

Time to turn back? ... around? ... within? ... beyond? ... towards a beloved face or into a mirror's gaze? ... or, as I need to do right now, into the kitchen to finish washing the dishes?

(Images used with the artist's permission ... and with thanks.)


Grace Lee said…
Yes, today is the day the season changes. Time to turn within. HCere the wind is blowing and leaves are flying.
Thank you,

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