Hexagram 13's heart

I believe that the heart of Hexagram 13, COMMUNITY, is a basic friendliness that extends, without limits, towards all. I recall Albert Einstein's musing that one of the most important questions we must answer for ourselves is whether or not we perceive the universe as a friendly place. Sometime last year, I arrived at my instinctive response: "It's friendly...enough."

There's no denying the destructive powers of Life -- those that cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, blizzards ... but these powers, as far as we can understand them, have no intention to cause harm. They are simply expressions of a Power that creates, destroys, nourishes and sustains.

Only human power can intend to harm.

Human power can also extend a friendly hand.

The sage is one who has first discovered what is common in our hearts.

(Photo: "something like friendship," by xrustunka, via flickr.com)


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