This is for Karin ...

... who is recovering from spinal surgery:

I lean into my own loving touch, for which no wound is too ugly.

(Linda McCarriston)

Karin leans into her own loving touch through her art ... Please visit her blog and send her some kind thoughts:

Before you go, take a boo at this -- it's one of Karin's:

(Top image: artist unknown)


Karin said…
I could not feel more honored, blessed or touched by the beauty or power of this whole everything. my breath is taken from me (in a good way!)
Thank you so much Jaliya.
with love and gratitude,
Karin said…
ps -
i left the hospital yesterday afternoon and am happily now settling into the comforts of home sweet home.
and since i'm here, it's worth repeating (to me!) - i just can't get over the beauty and power of that image. i'm vibrating with it. i will have to print and save her.
thank you.....
Jaliya said…
Karin -- you're welcome :-)

About the print -- if I find a source for it, I'll link you ... I found it ages and god knows where I put it in my "favorites"!!

Glad you're home -- the most healing space.

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