Election Day divination!

I've just cast my coins with Barack Obama in mind. Beautiful response from the oracle! ...

Hexagram 13, FELLOWSHIP/COMMUNITY, changing through lines 1 and 5, to 56, TRAVELLING.

All signs point to unity!

Hexagram 13: The principles that underlie the social contract are the principles that direct your own life ... You feel a sense of historical responsibility to fulfill your role ... (Sam Reifler)

Heaven and fire combine:
This is the image of Fellowship with People.

... What unites the group is much more important than its divisions ... Encourage openness and mutual respect ... If people feel that they are making a valued contribution, they will be more loyal and be willing to work together for the common good. (Jack Balkin)

... the many work for the one. (R. L. Wing)

Hexagram 13's nuclear hexagram is 44, TEMPTATION; its opposite hexagram is 7, THE ARMY.

Factionalism rather than fellowship certainly has been tempting for some during this campaign ... and THE ARMY (two wars; depleted troops; atrocious leadership from the present president; masses of slaughtered civilians and combatants) has been a pervasive influence and theme of the campaign. As well, temptations to extremism have been a factor.

Changing line 1: True fellowship emerges out of common interest.

This is a fellowship of mutual advantage that does not yet have firm ties other than commitment to a goal that all happen to share (the common goal being for Barack Obama to win this election!). For this reason everything will go well until people's interests start to diverge and come into conflict (This is bound to happen, no matter who wins the election). More work will be necessary to transform this sort of fellowship into a true union of hearts and minds (Give the man a government, and see what he does with it; how he puts his principles into action. I have an image of a thoroughbred about to burst from the gate...). Trust, respect, and a sense of mutual responsibility must be developed over time (We've observed these qualities in Obama all along. He will work to cement them into his government). (Jack Balkin)

Hexagram 13 changes through line 1 alone into Hexagram 1, THE CREATIVE -- phenomenal energy, action, and will.

Changing line 5: People in fellowship at first cry out and weep, but afterward they laugh. After great struggle they manage to find each other.

... when two are one in their inmost hearts, they shatter bronze, they shatter iron. Their words are strong and sweet, even after weeping, even after lamentation. (Dave Godfrey)

Hexagram 13 changes through line 5 alone to Hexagram 30, SYNERGY/INTERDEPENDENCE/RADIANCE -- If we preserve the qualities that allow us to shine, our brilliance will join with that of others and illuminate the world around us.

Hexagram 56, TRAVELLING:

Another cycle begins. This is a time of transition. (Oh boy, is it ever! Right now it's 4:30 p.m. EST...)

The superior person is clear-minded and cautious. (It ain't over 'til it's over!)

Hexagram 56, on first sight, appears to consider the aftermath of the election for the one who is voted into office, and counsels a time to explore, to gather new information, experiment with new ways of living, and to consider options for expansive action in new directions.

One theme of Hexagram 56 is detachment. The traveller understands nonattachment. This counsel would also appear to highlight the transitory nature of this moment, and a relinquishing of any expectations about outcome. All that could be done to bring us to this moment has been done.

Hexagram 56's nuclear hexagram is 28, CRITICAL MASS; its opposite hexagram is 60, LIMITATION.

Today certainly is a moment of critical mass, and the stresses of the campaign have been huge for all involved. Barack Obama himself, just yesterday, lost his beloved grandmother, Toot. He carries the massive stresses of bereavement and the impending decision of the American people.

Hexagram 60 would seem to counsel inner stillness and containment until the outcome is certain. Easier said than done, eh? :-)

... As always, the oracle doesn't "predict" anything ... but whew! -- can you feel the charge in the air?!


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