I can't believe what I did to my eyebrow

"What a ... bizarre title for her I Ching blog," you may be thinking ... but that's where my mind keeps going these days -- to the I Ching, like a Canadian's mind always goes to the weather. I am Canadian, and I became a weather junkie at nine through my older brother, who grew up to fly planes; I've been studying the oracle since 1981. My mind likes to connect things. Divination and the weather -- of course! What did our ancestors look to for signs, possibilities and portents before humans began to understand things? They eyed the weather.

Weather never stops moving and changing ... that's where our ancestors got their news.

Weather always changes ... so do moods, moments, and events. So do people.

Thank God.

Everything and everyone is always changing, all the time. Sometimes, to know this is the only way to get through a dental appointment, a disastrous date, a sleepless night, a bereavement, a war. This will come to an end.

This will come to an end ... and that will come to a beginning ...

The ceaseless paradox of Change assures us of realities that we're best to come to truce with, the first and last being death.

My mother died nearly seven years ago, and I will be 50 on my next birthday. I've had my share of suffering and breakage ... I'm starting to ... how to say this -- feel death in my body; the final fact of it. We all do, at some point.

I also know that the élan vital of a person goes on -- that there is a soul, a vibrant core of being that dissipates into the greater Ground after a body dies. Beyond that ... who knows.

I sensed my mother's essence about 30 minutes before her last breath; it spun and throbbed above her solar plexus. My hands, which were palpating her energy field, encountered -- Smack! -- a tennis ball-sized, blazing red orb; a wild thing on fire, coiling its strength for a leap ...

... Whoa, I'm digressing ... I started to write about what I did to my eyebrow. I snipped too many of those wiry hairs that are thick, black, and three inches long, right in the middle of my right brow, and now I've got this ... space. This stripe.

It's pathetic. I'm already a crazy cat lady, and now I'm mauling my eyebrows. God help me.

This is one of those moments when an I Ching thought pops up.

Hexagram 24, you silly; everything is changing all the time, and the hairs will grow back. Meanwhile, keep your bangs on the long side ...

... and I end up laughing. This too shall pass ...

(Photo: inkyfingerz, via flickr.com)


Karin said…
You are so funny! Hopefully an eyebrow pencil can do the trick, until those hairs make their return!
In the mean time, let me help put a little perspective on your hair loss. About 15 years ago my eye brow hairs started to mysteriously fall out. Then I noticed I didn't have to shave my legs as often, and my arms had patches of hairlessness. weird eh? Didn't mind the less shaving thing, but then my hair dresser noticed patches on my head were also missing. Long story short, many ridiculous treatments, I no longer have hair - no hair, no where. Part of my lupus and auto immune stuff. I am glad that it isn't because I'm going through chemo, though I will most likely never have hair again. So, hair today, gone tomorrow, we find ways to be grateful for what we have, while we have it!
Jaliya said…
Well, the eyebrow has grown back ... and I bow to your gentle reminder of perspective xo

It was so lovely to see the video you offered on your blog. What a delight to see you, your Zack and your nest, and to hear your voice.

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