More on yesterday's reading ...

LiSe's gorgeous, deeply inspired Yi Jing, Book of Sun and Moon ( is one of my regular stops on my divination journey.

Hexagram 22, BEAUTY, is named by LiSe "Pot of Herbs." I think immediately of a luscious stew or sauce simmering on a stove, scenting the hearth with promise of delicious fulfillment. (This could also be due to the fact that I'm hungry right now, and would relish such a meal!)

LiSe's commentary on Hexagram 22 includes this:

Beauty is Qi showing. When life-energy is present, colors become living and warm, proportions become like the golden section, balance will be created ... Energy and beauty belong together ... The character represents a flowering plant ... Pronounced 'ben,' it is ardent, brave, energetic. Truly "flower power".

The fourth changing line (which changes to Hexagram 30 -- CLARITY, LUMINESCENCE, BRIGHTNESS) images a "white-haired" or "shaggy" horse -- an elder of its tribe. It may be "small" in power due to its age, but beauty accumulates in a being over time; when we humans choose to see what is beautiful in the world, our own radiance can't help but spill out and add brilliance to whatever we do, speak, and touch ...

As LiSe says about the fourth line,

Show what you really are ... What seems less, but is true, will find belief and honor.

Every small flower in a meadow, though it may look like "less" amongst a swath of blossoms, adds the bounty of colour and scent to the whole.

Show what you really are, dear flowers ... and you will give off light.


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