The MERCY reading ...

In my last post, I wrote that I would explore the question of what hexagram, at its core, might embody the principle of Mercy.

The oracle revealed Hexagram 11, PEACE, changing through Line 5 to Hexagram 5, PATIENCE.

Heaven opens its eyes on Earth
in the form of a peaceful
human being ...

Heaven lies in your patience; your patience
with all that you are.

The old war and frenzy:
Enough now; enough.
Lay down
all your arms,
save the two that lead
to your heart.

(Photo: Morteza Khorrami, "Heart to Heart", via


javalava said…
Reminds me of a definition I once heard. Patience is Love waiting.
Jaliya said…
That's beautiful! ... and so true. Thank you ... :-)

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