Pay attention to the small things ...

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.


This quote knocked my socks off. What we sometimes call "trifles" are tipping points into completion.

Hexagram 62's core principle is CONSCIENTIOUSNESS; it augurs the tipping point of Hexagram 63, COMPLETION.


A truth is realized and now must be detailed, refined, sculpted, set free.

Michelangelo again:

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

Whatever "angels" we release to the world are, finally, hoven by meticulous craft over time ... especially as we come to completing them. We hover, hone in, magnify our vision and focus minutely on last-touch details.

Soon, our angels will fly ...

Photo of angel-cloud: "Graceful Wings," at


Jan said…
This reflection goes so well with a book I have just started to re-read: "The Powers That Be" by Walter Wink.

"Why, I wondered, are each of the seven letters in chapters two and three (of the Book of Rev.) addressed, not to the congregation, as in the apostle Paul's letters, but to the congregation's ANGEL? The congregation was not addressed directly but through the angel. The angel seemed to be the corporate personality of the church, its ethos or spirit or essence. Looking back over my own experience of churches, I realized that each did indeed have a unique personality. . . .Hence the spirit of a church can remain fairly constant over decades, even centuries, though all the original members have long since departed." (4-5)
Jaliya said…
Beautiful, Jan ... Thanks. You won't believe this, but a few hours ago I was thinking to myself, "What is an ethos?" ... and here is your quote from Walter Wink!

Bless you, synchronistic friend :-)

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