Is this a form of justice? ... Hexagram 21, JUSTICE

... I've just found an index card in one of my ceaseless piles of paper; on the card, I wrote this:

Sometimes when another person gets angry at you, he's insisting on your goodness, your integrity.

To insist on another's goodness and integrity ... is that a way of doing justice to her character?

Hexagram 20, CONTEMPLATION, describes ways of seeing: seeing over/overseeing, and seeing into. A vast-ranging, yet intimate, eye is summoned to see what is real.

Hexagram 21, then, can teach us how to see through. Through initial appearances, through patterns and obvious details; through what appears to be -- through immediate perceptions and first impressions and instant, habitual judgements ... through illusion; through falsehood. A truth makes itself known, and commands to be acted upon. Perhaps seeing-through is a way to do justice to what is real ...

Some keywords for Hexagram 21:

Biting Through
Acting Decisively
Settling Disturbances
Setting All On Equal Footing
No Stone Unturned
Recourse To Law
Acknowledging Reality
Rectifying Injustice
Seeing Through Illusion
Gnawing Away At The Truth

JUSTICE acts on the heart of a matter. How we mete out justice -- how we act on a determined truth -- is pivotal, for what goes around, comes around. Will we punish or seek to understand? Be ferocious or merciful in our judgement; unequivocal yet lucid?

The Justice Tarot image is from Adam McLean's Alchemy Web Site --


Renee said…
Jaliya I am so fascinated by these posts, I keep looking at them and I don't even know what hexagrams are.

Love Renee xoxo
That Justice card is actually from the Tarot of Portmeirion:
Jaliya said…
thanks, Eccentric Scholar, for pointing this out ... and blog readers, check out the link! The deck is gorgeous ... and the Eccentric Scholar's creation!

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