Hexagram / Principle 58 -- JOY

I want to be like water,
to dance with each moment
without holding onto the past.

I want to be liquid and forgiving.

I want to put yielding into life
instead of judgment.

I want to curl around stones
instead of hurl them.

I want my movements to be
informed by oneness.

I want to be a living yes.

(Elsa Joy Bailey, from "The Lesson" ... Elsa's marvelous website: http://www.elsajoy.com/index.htm)


Anonymous said…
Me too :)
Renee said…
How beautiful.

Your comment on my blog was more beautiful, however.

Thank you.

Love Renee xoxo
Tomas said…
What a wonderful picture.
The choice to curl around stones instead of hurling them opens a door to the Heaven - enables us to hear our own heart and brings to the wonderland of art where temporal problems have no place - where each brush stroke rejoices over the eternal values.

I like your blog. It refreshes and inspires. Thank you
Karin Bartimole said…
oh man, I thought I wanted to give up wants, but you have let me know that I don't :) I fully want what you want and to be where those photos were taken!! xox k
Jaliya said…
Tomas, what powerful images your words evoke -- "...each brush stroke rejoices over the eternal values."

thank you for this!

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