Oh, phew ... Sweet relief for late-bloomers (Hexagram 53, GRADUAL DEVELOPING)

Nature does not proceed by leaps and bounds.
(Carolus Linnaeus)

Think of ... Individuation
Organic Growth
Petal By Petal
Realizing Potential, One Breath At A Time ...

Evolution is a kaleidoscope, not a pyramid.
(Thomas Lewis, et. al, A General Theory of Love)

Photographs are from the exquisite Paula's House of Toast -- http://paulashouseoftoast.blogspot.com


Jan said…
Thank you, thank you. "Phew!!", all right!
Renee said…
So beautiful Jaliya. The pictures and the words.

Love Renee xoxo
Jaliya said…
I love this hexagram and what it means. To contemplate Gradual Developing is to take a deep, slooow breath ...

"Phew!" is the word! ... It seems that the principle of growth has gone haywire for so many people and for the planet itself ... Too much, too many, too fast ...

As for the photographs ... Check out this blog: http://paulashouseoftoast.blogspot.com/ ... Here you will find exquisite photographs of tiny intricate things ... and beautiful thinking / writing ...

Bless xo

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