Three quotations ... (Hexagram 57, THE GENTLE)

It's rather embarrassing to have given one's entire life to pondering the human predicament and to find that in the end, one has little more to say than "Try to be a little kinder."

~ Aldous Huxley ~

My religion is kindness.

~ The Dalai Lama ~

Without tenderness, we are in hell.

~ Adrienne Rich ~


Renee said…
Jaliya thank you dear one.

I feel better today. I know the storm is brewing I can feel it, but I am more hopeful, more accepting (for now).

This is a beautiful post.

Love you.

Renee xoxo
Jaliya said…
One soft breath can make such a difference ...

Loving you back, Renee! xoxo
Karin Bartimole said…
whew Jaliya, this is a beautiful and powerful post. so simple, so true.
xox Karin

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