"In every experience of true listening ...

... there is a mysterious moment in which the one who listens steps out from a fortress of self-concern and dwells silently in the truth of the one who speaks. This is a moment of great risk and great courage, for it ushers us into a different way of being in the world. Over time, we may even cease to be people who listen and become people who are listening, people whose very being is shaped by the posture of listening. This is the posture of the servant, whose attentiveness is not a sign of cringing compliance but a mark of human life lived ever more fully in the Spirit of love.

~John S. Mogabgab~


Plaque found at Monastery Greetings.


Renee said…
I hear you.

I love you.

I care about you.

I wonder how you are feeling.

I am still listening.

Love Renee xoxo
Jan said…
Thank you, my friend.

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