Hexagram 55 -- ZENITH; EPITOME

To know that you are loved
that you, yourself, can love
surpasses any dreaming wish
disperses every fear ~

High noon:
a sliver
of glory

Illustration: "Poppies on Fire", by Guenter Burr


Jan said…
Yes,yes,yes. It's what I heard at this Richard Rohr conference last weekend: the mystics all tell us that God loves us overwhelmingly into being and into each moment.
Jaliya said…
"... loves us overwhelmingly into being ..." -- Yow!! That's quite the phrase ... a whole new understanding of "overwhelm" ... I like it. Thanks, Jan.

... and I'm loving all your puppy pictures! xoxo
Renee said…
Oh Jaliya now that was glorious.

Hilary said…
Wonderful poppies! They seem to be in the moment of catching fire - perfect for a fire-and-thunder hexagram.

And zenith - epitome - crux point... the idea of 'overwhelm' is hidden in there somewhere, just as Hexagram 28 is hidden in the core of 55.

(The Yeekery is my way of expressing appreciation... :) )
Jaliya said…
Renee ... isn't it? The colour and light leap right out, don't they ...

Hilary! Glad you popped by :-) What's the Yeekery?
Hilary said…
Yeekery = being a Yi Geek. Seeing nuclear hexagrams everywhere is a good example.
Jaliya said…
Hilary -- I love it! I will happily admit to being a Yeek! :-D
"High noon: a sliver of glory."

That's beautiful, so is the accompanying photo.

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