"Light made from nothing" ... The feeling of "living" a hexagram

Living a hexagram ... What could this mean?

I'm in retreat; have barely been online. A few weeks ago, there was a major crisis in my home (Hexagram 28) ... Danger certainly abounded, and great courage ("courage = "great heart") was needed to rise above the potential of drowning (Hexagram 29) ... A conscious choice to call in the qualities of Light and Synergy was needed (Hexagram 30) ... so was a choice to attract myself (Hexagram 31) to being strong, steady and fully present (Hexagram 32) ... and a retreat into singular focus on one pivotal concern (Hexagram 33) has been one result.

I often find, when I experience an event that centers all my attention, that there is a hexagram principle at the core of it. The 64-hexagram sequence always shows a way through ...

The exquisite photo, "Midnight Wader in Retreat", is by George Shiras III ... I found it here.


Renee said…
Jaliya you have been missed but never not thought of.

Important things first and our blog pleasures second.

Darling friend can you give me your home mailing address.

Love Renee xoxo
Jaliya said…
Understood, dear heart. Be well xoxo

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