May we all be home for Christmas ... (Hexagram 37, FAMILY)

May we all have a haven
wherein we are held
and beheld

May we all hold
our own, yes

our very own
loves; may they
line us like living
fur. nuzzling.

May home be
who we are.


Jan said…
Thank you, Jaliya! Merry Christmas!
Renee said…
Beautiful as always sweet friend.

Merry Christmas my dear one.

Love Renee xoxo
Karin Bartimole said…
Amen - a perfect Christmas prayer, but really a beautiful prayer for any one, any day!
thank you.
many hugs and much love,
Jaliya said…
Bless you, friends xoxoxo

As you can see, I've not been blogging much ... my focus is elsewhere at the moment ... but you are always in my heart.

Merry Kissmas :-)

P.S. I read somewhere that it's important for us to celebrate Christmas right up to the day of Epiphany ... Yum :-)
Renee said…
Beautiful Jaliya. Really lovely.

Renee xoxo
Margo said…
"May home be who we are" - what a lovely sentiment, and one very true to my own heart! I'm a new follower, but have enjoyed what I've read so far. Thanks for sharing!

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