Progress with ease, not greed, in the New Year (Hexagram 35, PROGRESS)

"Don't try to gobble up the world," one of my teachers advised me. "Despite what you think, there's enough for all of us. Take your time."

Nearly 33 years have passed since my sage spoke those words. I add my own:

Slow it all down.

Slow it all down might be my mantra for 2010. The sun's daily arc across the sky shows me how it's done. "Steady on," say the powers that be, and our sun rises and sets every day, in its own intricate time.

The sun doesn't rush. Neither should we.

I won't, anymore. Something in me has simply become too depleted, too spent, for the lunatic busy-dom that our culture's become. My body's said Enough. You can't argue with the body. Break it; it dies. I'm done with breaking. I want to tend, and listen. I want to lope rather than lunge. I want to move, period. Move with moderation.

Like a stream ... or a sun. Arise and alight!

Some links for Hexagram 35: Visit the Tao Oracle site for an exquisite illustration of flowing progress ... Consider the gift of advancement at LiSe Heyboer's I Ching site ... A brief, elegant take on the hexagram ... A princely understanding of Progress ... My own blog's other pages about Hexagram 35.


Renee said…
Jaliya I am always so fascinated with your posts even when they are mostly over my head.

Love Renee xoxo
Karin Bartimole said…
May you have a slowly progressing, well savored, replenishing year Jaliya.
Much love, Karin
Jaliya said…
I love you both ... and Renee, just think of the soul of every wisdom tradition -- relation, interbeing, Light -- and the I Ching will make sense.

You make me giggle, dear heart xo

Karin ... Your words are prayers. Beautiful.

May replenishment return to you both a thousandfold ...
Maroussia said…
It will be great to watch Il Divo, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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