Why I love the I Ching

The I Ching has been a peerless friend to me for nearly 29 years now; in fact, the first question I asked the oracle was about a friendship gone strange. Guess which hexagram arose? Of course: 13 -- which is often translated as FRIENDSHIP.

Once I tossed my coins in a terrible snit, spinning my cognitive wheels in a rut ten feet deep (and counting). "What the hell am I supposed to let go of!?" The wisecracking sage shot back: 59, DISPERSION. Unchanging. Just. Let. Go! I fell over laughing.

Recently I cast my coins with grave concern for someone I love who may be close to a live-or-die crossroads with addiction. I basically cried Help -- and the oracle responded with 33, RETREAT. Unchanging. My loved one is clinging for life to what likely will kill him ... and I've come to understand the harrowing liberation of faith when all that can be said and done has been said and done. I understand the flinging out of what we call prayer, and the erosion of heart that occurs when we must submit to fate. No promises; no guarantees -- except that something will change. Meanwhile, the helpless urge to love remains ... and there is the pain of it: the directive to stand back, or go down with a sinking ship.

I will sink too, one day; being alive guarantees eventual death. But how will I live -- today; right now? What will I do with my mind, my thoughts, my intent?

It's said that our two fundamental prayers are Help! and Thank You.

The I Ching is my altar of prayer ...

Paintings: "The Oracle" (top) and "Sharing Rays" (lower)
by Amanda Sage.

Amanda's creations are also featured here.


Jan said…
I needed these thoughts today. Thanks.
Adele Aldridge said…
Once again, beautiful images. And reading this new post - another synchronicity for me. You wrote about your first reading of the I Ching - I was JUST writing about my first reading - egads - 40 years ago - for a free I Ching Record Book e-book but life keeps getting in the way - soon I sure to hope.
Karin Bartimole said…
LOVE the images you've chosen to support your thoughts Jaliya. The I Ching is definitely a direct line to your true voice of inner knowledge, isn't it!? I love how that works, and hearing how connected you are with it. love you, K
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