WOW, WOW, WOW (Hexagram 28)

The longer I'm in relation with the I Ching (nearly 29 years now), the more I'm blown away by its wisdom that's announced in a particular moment (through the coins, yarrow sticks, or other means) and instantly applies to one's whole picture. The oracle takes a snapshot ... and what develops is marvelous. I find, too, that the picture is always much larger than I've thought it is.

Case in point: a reading I just did about a huge decision I'm about to make. I basically asked of Life, "What do you think?"

Hexagram 28 -- GREATNESS IN EXCESS, OVERLOAD, TAKING A STAND, STRESS -- was the result ... with no changing lines. My first thought: "Yes, this is stressful ... and -- ! -- exciting! ... WOW -- it applies to everything ..."

Then the oracle began to speak ...

A charged time.

If something needs to be broken -- as in a habit; a condition of bondage; a rut -- let it break. Do your willing and grateful part to break what must be broken ... for only then can healing -- making whole what has been rent -- begin.

More soon ...

I found the photograph here ... Thanks to all people and powers who brought this image to my attention; it's perfect for this moment!


popps said…
Hi there, i came to your blogs through another - time near the sea and comments about Leonard Cohen.
And your post here made me think of something that happened the other day - i saw 6 Herons standing together in a field and the words "Hexagram of the Heavens " came into my mind - probably via a Joni Mitchell song.
I will get round to writing a post on my own blog about it but later.
Good ideas, like decisions sometimes need time to germinate.
Jan said…
This is so good. What I needed to read right now. Thank you.
Karin Bartimole said…
Wishing you deep healing in this next leap of faith you undertaking Jaliya! sounds like exciting times are underway :)
love to you, K

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