Hexagram 56: JOURNEYING

What do we know
as we travel? Only that

we are moving

Image found at LayoutSparks.com.


Jan said…
This reminds me of an outdoor labyrinth walk I went on this week. The labyrinth was partially overgrown with weeds. It was hard to discern the path. Once when I felt confident, I soon discovered I was "lost." So moving was the only certainty.
Karin Bartimole said…
This is just so true, Jaliya! and it's probably the one thing most of us aren't thinking about as we journey.
That is a truly beautiful image - chosen perfectly for your profound statement :)
sending you hugs and love, Karin
Jaliya said…
Jan ... I walked a labyrinth last year, in early March, before winter was over ... enough snow had melted that I could tentatively navigate my way through ... and like you, I found it challenging to discern the path. I also had the experience of plowing ahead and then stopping up short, thinking "Huh..."

Karin ... I fell in love with the image; it really drew me in. There's always a mystery accompanying a journey, isn't there ... we don't always know where we're going ... The thought of knowing "only that we are moving" struck me today ...

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