A contrast of children (Hexagram 38 -- DUALITY)

There is no duality as stark as that of how we envision and remember ourselves as children ...

I have just found the two images below at a lovely blog called Art Inconnu, whose creator celebrates artists whose contributions have flown under the radar of public opinion and fanfare.

Eero Erik Nikolai Jarnefelt (1863 - 1937) was an artist of Finnish ancestry ... and these two paintings are masterly contrasts when placed together. Childhood: sweet meadow slumber or hellish, soul-snapping survival? For many, it is both ...

"Saimi in the meadow"

"Under the yoke"

Dear heart, how you stagger
under the twin weights
of whimsy
vassalage ~


Jan said…
What a contrast, and it is one that is harsher in reality. Thanks for the art link.
Curio said…
It is true that the duality can often be seen as clearly as in the two paintings, but the duality closest to us is often concealed from our conscious mind for many years. Loved your thought provoking post and the one prior to it as well.

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