Three-Word Wednesday wordplay ... with hexagrams!

This fragile, rampant
is my life ...
your life ...
Life itself ...
the quaking 
that drives us
to dance!

The photo is at Michael Julian Berz' site, ... and it was the very first "hit" I received when I did an image search for "dance" and "joy" ...

Three Word Wednesday is a playground for writers ... Once a week, three words are posted for us to swing with ... This week's words are fragile, rampant, and tremor
Go play!

... The wordplay I composed matches with Hexagram 16, ENTHUSIASM, which relates to   our intrinsic sense of rhythm and the gifts we create from it:

The traditional metaphor of enthusiasm in the Book of Changes is music. The metaphor of music simultaneously captures the notions of delight, harmony, inspiration, and sympathy between people ... Music joins the spirits of many individuals into one great spirit ...

~ Jack M. Balkin, The Laws of Change: I Ching and the Philosophy of Life ~


Jan said…
You make me want to dance!

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