Letting it all go ... (Hexagram 41, DECREASE)

by Jeffrey Harrison 

It's a gift, this cloudless November morning
warm enough for you to walk without a jacket
along your favorite path. The rhythmic shushing
of your feet through fallen leaves should be 
enough to quiet the mind, so it surprises you 
when you catch yourself telling off your boss
for a decade of accumulated injustices,
all the things you've never said circling inside you.

It's the rising wind that pulls you out of it,
and you look up to see a cloud of leaves
swirling in sunlight, flickering against the blue
and rising above the treetops, as if the whole day
were sighing, Let it go, let it go,
for this moment at least, let it all go.

I found the poem at Dragonfly's Poetry and Prolixity ... a gorgeous blog!


Jan said…
What a good November poem! Since I was just in WA State where it "looks" like November, I can really relate to the shushing in the leaves.
horse and moon said…
thanks for posting that poem. I can relate to it and was a nice time I came across.

singing here "Let it go, let it go,
for this moment at least, let it all go."

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