Hexagram hands: Hexagrams 1 - 8

What if we imagined each hexagram (principle) of the I Ching as our hands and what they can do? --  I've done it and concocted a list ... I've limited myself to one descriptive word for each hexagram ...

1. Creating Hands

2. Bestowing Hands

3. Birthing Hands

4. Fool's Hands

5. Patient Hands

6. Combative Hands

7. Directive Hands

8. Enjoining Hands

(I will be creating eight posts of eight hexagrams each ...)

Note: all images are linked directly to their sources.


Adele Aldridge said…
Great idea! In my original black and white drawings I made Hex 8 all hands. If you like I can send you some images.
Jaliya said…
@Adele -- Yes please re: your drawings! Thank you
Hilary said…
Love this!

I think I'd imagine hexagram 5 as an empty cupped hand under a hanging ripe fruit, just waiting for it to drop.
Jaliya said…
@Hilary -- Gorgeous image! Yes!

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