Notes on Hexagram 21, BITING THROUGH ... 'cause I need this capacity right now!

Fire over Thunder: Stormy Weather! Cutting through Crap! Cleansing the Air!

I don't think there's anything in Creation that lightning can't cut through. That's the principle of BITING THROUGH; nothing is immune to the imperative of Light ... and sometimes we need a good crackling in order to perceive a truth and to act on it.

Immediate reform is urgently needed ... and nothing reforms like lightning! If your life has burned down to ash, who held the match to it? Who or what has struck you like a bolt from the Dragon's mouth? Or are you the source of lightning ... of Light?

Upon what actions -- and consequences -- will you clamp your teeth? What demands justice and swift, focused action? What do you want to strike through; set on fire; clear away like a raging storm? 

There is huge power in lightning and thunder ... for both destruction and cleansing. Stormy human thoughts and relations sometimes need a bolt from the blue to knock away the obstructions of habit. There is a decisiveness called for here; whenever a storm strikes, we need to act quickly to ensure our safety and survival. 

Remove the dirty clothing
of your pain and bitterness,
and your true nature will instantly appear.

~ Hua-Ching Ni, The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth
commentary for Hexagram 21

~ Photo by Bloviating Zeppelin: 


Tao1776 said…
Turned 57 on Tuesday - my 33 years marriage is in the hands of divorce court - "CRACK"!!!!!
Erica said…
Good article. Important information, well presented. Thank you so much for covering this!

Mr. Martial Arts
Jaliya said…
@Tao1776 -- I hope your crack is mending within ... Turning 57 and being in your 58th year puts me in mind of the two hexagrams: 57 -- Gentleness, and 58 -- Joy. May they accompany you in your journey!

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