18 --> 19

Hexagram 18: Woundedness. Inertia's decay. Rotting. RESTORE!

Changing Line (CL) 1 (changes to 26): The 'sins of the father' have the child in a rut. Clinging to old ways, old walls, old wills. GATHER YOURSELF!

CL3: (changes to 4): Bursting beyond! Slow down. Change in smaller steps.

CL6 (changes to 46): The fool transcends all generations, becoming a sage.

Hexagram 19:  Spring approaches: Destiny. All seasons approach: Destiny. Inevitable coming of age, inexhaustible questing, Wisdom's aspiration.

(Paradoxically, this image above is an Autumn scene ... and my first glance at the highest trees on the ridge suggested Spring. Being in my 50s now, I cannot ignore my life's oncoming Autumn ... and Spring, as the sage knows, can also be a state of mind ...)

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