Spring is inevitable... (Hexagram 24, RETURN)

Say this to your own dear soul:

Resurrection happens, however we understand it. Spring, thank God, thank Gaia, is inevitable. Spring can arrive only through the cracks of Winter's melting ... Ice has to crack; harsh edges are called to soften. Sometimes the touch of light and warmth on what has been brittle and frozen can feel like agony -- have you ever recovered from frostbite? -- and every Spring, every resurrection, every resurgence of Life eventually touches the surface of things, delving deep to entice a response: ice thaws, greens blossom, beings are born. 

Light will not give up on us; it gives into us, urging us to awaken...

Two days ago, I stood rapt beneath a flowering plum tree, and there they were: the bees.
The ageless imperative of Life, sung in their wings' soft drone. The work commences:

Nectar drawn from a flower's heart,
bound to be honey. 

(Photo credit: bee flying to flower by mikleyu, via flickr)



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